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Our namesake: Bella

Ken and Lisa, the food truck founders, went to Oktoberfest 2010 to enjoy the festivities and eat some brats. During the evening they saw a dog rescue there called Smiling Dog Rescue with girls walking around with puppies trying to find homes for them. A girl walked up with a puppy named Snowflake and they just melted. These pictures are from the first time Ken held her.

They were not looking for a dog and had reservations about getting one. They went on their way but they just had to go back and see Snowflake again! She was thought to be either deaf or blind or maybe both... but they didnt care, they were meant to be together. They ended up adopting her that night and named her Bella.

Over three years she became an integral part of their family. She brings so much joy and her demeanor is so great that whoever meets her is amazed at how friendly and well behaved she is. When Ken and Lisa decided to start the mobile Gelato business, it was given her namesake.

We regret to inform that in April of 2019 Bella passed away.

Bella's Friends

We are pet friendly if you have a friendly pet! We're happy to welcome your well behaved pets into our shop and treat them to a Pup Cup. We enjoy seeing your furry friends, and with your permission we will take a picture and put it up on our dog TV and below on this website. Click below to see all the pics!

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